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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answered our most frequently asked questions but if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll do our best help in any way we can!

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How much does the running of the hot tub cost?

Good question. The answer relies on several factors:
insulation(to keep power consumption low), ozone filtering system(that keeps the usage of chemical cleaners at a low level and so on.)
Think of the additional costs as investments a way to cut costs. To give you a monthly figure you can expect anywhere from 15 pounds to
30 pounds a month.

How often should a hot tub be cleaned?

Cleaning the hot tub and of course draining should be done about four times per year, but it all depends on how well the tub is performing. For these occasions you will be very grateful for having a bottom drain if there is one of course. A hosepipe will do the trick.


Can I use the hot tub in the cold season?
Absolutely yes. As a matter of fact in countries with a long tradition of using hot tubs like Canada and Sweden people prefer
using them in the cold season. It has also been discovered that using warm water in a cold environment will increase drastically the beneficial health effects.
So if it’s cold outside it is nice and warm in the hot tub and you will definitely enjoy the experience.

If you any other questions or queries feel free to contact us about any hottubs information and we will do or best to answer them. We are more than happy to help if we can!