TubHub-8802 Swimming Pool

TubHub-8802 are equipped with 3 powerful swim jets which are specially design for swimming against the water current due to their high volume output.
Each swim jet is equipped with 1 unit of 3HP pump. And the internal depth of them is 1360mm which is ideal for swimming exercise.
Our reinforced fiberglass swim spa body is around 12mm thickness- much thicker than other supplier’s; and you can find the channel steel for the swimming area.

We use the best vinyl ester resin (about 3 times prices as normal vinyl ester) as first layer of reinforcement on entire shell to avoid the blister problem.
After that, we spray 6 layers of fiberglass for the reinforcement. The thickness of our spa/swim spa body is around 8mm/12mm which is much stronger than the normal spas with only 3-4 layers reinforcement.
Once our spas are reinforced with fiberglass, we put them into our thermostat oven to dry the humidity on the body completely in order to avoid moisture inside the spa to prevent blister problem.


  • USA Balboa control system (Gecko system also available),
  • USA Aristech acryl shell
  • Spa cover
  • Insulation foam on shell and skirt
  • Stainless steel jets
  • FRP bottom base
  • Perimeter LED lighting
  • Air jets and air blower
  • Ozone injector and ozone mixer
  • Automatic air escape system
  • Standard step (except TubHub-5805N) and spa protection bag etc. (which are usually charged separately by other suppliers.)


TubHub-8802 Swimming Pool


Dimensions: 3960*2300*1370(depth)/1500mm
Colour of Shell: Original American Aristech acrylic sheet
Seating capacity: 6 persons
Water capacity: 5400L
Dry weight: 1100kgs
Water jets (stainless steel): 43pcs
Large swim jets (stainless steel): 3pcs
Circulation pump: 1×0.5hp
Swim pump: 3x3hp
Massage water pump: 1x2hp
Ozonizer: 1000mg/h
Ozone injector and mixer: 1 set
Perimeter LED lights: 32pcs
American Balboa control system (incl. 3kw heater): 1set
High-effective filter cartridge: 4pcs
Skirt: maintenance free synthetic cabinet
High-density polyurethane insulation foam: yes
Spa bottom drain: 1pc
Side drain valve: 1pc
Headrest: 2pcs
Swimming Pool Cover: 1PC


Electricity supply: 220V/50-60Hz or 380V/50-60Hz
Maximum current: 54A EXCLUSIVE FEATURES:
100% no-leaking plumbing
Stainless steel structure
Heat locked high-density insulation foam for full body and skirt
Water heating and thermostat system
Perimeter LED illumination system
Large-volume swim jets for anti-current swimming
Time-programmed circulation and disinfection system
Quiet and energy-saving filtration system
Automatic anti-freezing system
Compatible for both 220V and 380V electricity
Protection of overvoltage and under voltage
Spa bottom drain for complete empty of spa water
Convenient maintenance work and low maintenance cost PACKING INFORMATION:
Packing size: 3980*2330*1650mm
Quantity of 20’/40’ft container: 1pc/ 3pcs


The above offers include original American Aristech acryl, American Balboa control system incl. 3kw heater, cover, isolation foam on body and inner skirt, stainless steel jets, ozone injector and ozone mixer, perimeter LED lighting which are usually charged separately by


Upgrade 2x3hp pump to 2×3.5hp special swim pump
Rising Dragon jets (water jets)
Four-stage step (120*106*86cm)
Bar table (200*30cm-1pc) with stools (4pcs)
FRP bottom base
Aluminium foil insulation on FRP bottom base
LED lights on 4 corners of skirt
UV disinfection(w/ss or plastic shell)
Balboa Bluetooth Audio (BBA)
Pop-up speakers (a pair)
Swim tether
Aquatic rowing system
Fitness rope
Drink tray
Pop-up fountains


Colours Available For Acryl Shell
Colours Available For SkirtShell
Colours Available For SkirtShell