Wood Burning Hot Tub with External Wood Burner


Wood Burning Hot Tub with External Wood Burner offers greater seating capacity internally. We are happy to deliver anywhere in Ireland.

The wood burners are made from Stainless Steel and vary in size of heat output depending on the size of the hot tub.

Sizes are:
1.8 metre
2.0 metre
2.2 metre

This is the most cost effective way of getting an affordable wood burning hot tub in your Irish garden
We can offer to add a fibre glass lining to these hot tubs and add for you both the WATER JET system, the AIR JET system and LED lighting underwater.
The shell will also reduce the volume of water in the hot tub and reduce heating times.
The wood burning hot tubs are made from solid 42 mm timber unless you choose to have the fibre glass lining in which case it is slimmer wood used to reduce weight.
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